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Morning Coffee

The first cup of coffee I make at work is sacred. It is the ritual that is as important as the result. It is the one item during the day that I can count on to be both consistent, and the outcome predictable. I use an AeroPress and bring the grounds from home. The grounds and the container remind me of my home. The liquid stool they serve in the break room is not to my standards. This is not because I am a coffee snob, however, I do have certain standards in my life that require me to not drink liquids that taste like excrement.

My cup this morning turned out especially good, so I took the time to realize that it is just one small way I control my mood and outlook on the day. If you find that your day starts out already "off the rails", take a few minutes to find a ritual where you control the inputs and outputs. It shouldn't be something that benefits the company. It should benefit you, because the company benefits from you for the remainder of the work day.