Friday Frenzy

Friday is often a day that most stooges like myself coast into the weekend. My recommendation is to do the exact opposite. Turn on the turbo and steamroll through as much as you can on Friday. Friday is often a day where others will be avoiding meetings and conference calls like the plague. Use that to your advantage. Another common theme on Friday is to see your peers and upper management leave a couple of hours earlier. They've worked hard all week long. They've "earned" an early leave time. Make that 2 - 3 hours at the end of the day Friday your "deep breath" of the week. Clear your mind of all the clutter and bullshit that has been building up all week and just make shit happen!

Put those earbuds in and grab as many solid blocks of uninterrupted work time as you can. The weekend is for relaxing, but think how much more relaxed you can be without carrying around the mental debt of what you left undone last week. Monday will be stressful enough, but if you make Friday the day that you work the hardest, you'll be in a much better position when that staff meeting rolls around.

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