Stooge ready to quit

The above is awesome. Here's the reality check:

  • 5:45AM - Wake up
  • 5:47AM - Shave, shower and get dressed
  • 6:15AM - Make cup of coffee for commute
  • 6:20AM - Drive to office while listening to 5by5 podcasts that bring you joy
  • 7:10AM - Arrive in parking garage. Consider driving back home. Listen to 5 - 10 more minutes of 5by5.
  • 7:15AM - Stealthily make way from parking garage to office/cube/desk, avoiding any form of human interaction. If greeted by anyone, respond with standard "Living the dream!" with no emotion but a mock Tiger Woods fist pump for emphasis.
  • 7:20AM - Make cup of coffee with AeroPress
  • 7:25AM - Smile to self imagining an overnight worker urinating in the break room carafe that everyone else is happily gathered around talking about what they watched on TV last evening.
  • 7:30AM - Put on ambient music and work uninterrupted
  • 8:45AM - Get phone call from boss changing something from high to urgent while also adding 3 high priority items that would be "really great" to have by the end of the day.
  • 10:15AM - Coffee
  • 10:35AM - Status check via email by boss on urgent item
  • 10:38AM - Notification of 3 minute old email via IM from boss
  • 10:45AM - Coffee
  • 11:30AM - Lunch
  • 12:00AM - Work while dealing with constant in-person, phone and IM interruptions
  • 1:00PM - Meeting with boss to discuss progress on new urgent item and reiteration of the high items being "due" by end of day. 2 more high priorities added. "Great to have" by end of week.
  • 1:55PM - Coffee
  • 2:00PM - Meeting
  • 3:00PM - Meeting
  • 4:00PM - Work on high priority items
  • 6:00PM - Send off completed high priority items
  • 6:10PM - Get in car, deep sigh. 5by5 podcasts resume, a small form of solace.
  • 7:00PM - Arrive home
  • 7:10PM - Dinner with family
  • 8:00PM - Tuck kids in for the night
  • 8:10PM - Coffee
  • 8:15PM - Sit next to spouse while he/she watches prime time lineup. Boot up laptop.
  • 8:30PM - Read email string where boss sent high priority items to his/her boss, taking credit, then is asked for more information. "Need first thing tomorrow morning" from boss to you, requesting the information that was not part of original request.
  • 8:35PM - Resume working on item from 8:45AM
  • 10:00PM - Email from boss asking if you've read previous email about deadline for tomorrow morning
  • 10:30PM - Send additional information already pulled together earlier in the day, predicting this would happen
  • 11:00PM - Lay in bed and watch show/movie while thinking about what to accomplish from 7:30AM - 8:45AM tomorrow morning
  • 12:30AM - Stooge ready to quit
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