It's Friday (only according to my Outlook Calendar, in my soul it is always Monday). It's late afternoon. Email roulette from now until 5:30pm. Someone is going to need something urgently and the email will read something like this:

Sorry to dump this on you last minute, but (insert important person 3 levels higher than you here) needs this report by the end of the day.

Thanks in advance,

Your Boss

Below this email will be a thread that is dated at least 3 days in the past from the person needing the report to your boss. Minutes after this email arrives, your boss will sign off the IM system and will be unreachable by phone.

You know (insert important person 3 levels higher than you here) will not look at the report until Monday morning. You know your boss will email you tomorrow morning if it hasn't been sent yet with:

Did this get done yet? What's the ETA?

Send/Receive button-click ----> BANG!

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